Infinity Reigns

A Drop of Hope

Part 1 - Prisoner

You tried to find a way out
One little drop of hope
You can't stay the same

Courage is stuck in your throat
And there'll be no more holding back
No more fitting in
Change is in your heart
...Butterfly flies

Part 2 - Change

What are they so afraid of?
What if you learned it all?
It's truth that scares them
It's power and their fall
...Butterfly flies away

If only my heart could make it right
If only my words could command
Thou shall love...shall love all!
And dreams pour down on us like sand
...Butterfly flies away

Knowledge is an ocean
You ride the waves upon that sea
The truth becoming clearer
and you see
You become the butterfly
the more change you choose to be

Part 3 - Freedom

Free! Me! Now!

One little drop of hope
Bullet steals your breath away

You may not survive
but your choice has set you free
...Butterfly flies away

You are!
You are the away

You are!
You are the away

You are!
You are the away

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