Infinity Reigns

Infinity Reigns

I walk outside and see the stars tonight
and I wonder where I am in life...
Where am I going?
Where have I been?

My life is a path
...I just don't understand

I walk down the street
and every eye I could meet is down....
Pointing away to the ground

The circus is far more real
than the life where we act the part

Generating images to move up the charts
Sell our souls to make a sound

It's a shame it closes our hearts
We're not here oh Lord, its just the reign,
reign, reign, reign down on me...

I used my mind in order to
open up my heart...
Saw no light just shadows
in the dark

The strange and the surreal
were all there to play their parts

I'm losing my mind
Oh Lord, just one day at a time
Is the world so normal
that I'm insane?

Every process is so insincere,
I just want to hear the reign...

It's a tear and a fear of
the time we wasted
But nothing lasts forever...
Except the Reign of Infinity
Except the Reign...

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